My name is Clari, I am 23 years old, and I was born on a Thursday in Somerset. As they sing there to babies, “Thursday’s child has far to go”: within a week, I had travelled to Italy by car. It was the first of the many family car trips I have done between the South-West of Britain and Mandello del Lario on Lake Como; the first of many adventures around the world and the beginning of my restlessness, of my inability to stay in one place for a considerable amount of time. During high school I took a great leap in my life, all the way to socialist Venezuela for a year abroad. The experiences I lived there were intense, full of emotions and lessons that are always going to accompany me. 5 years later, after completing my bachelor in European Studies in Maastricht, The Netherlands, I am finally back in South America. This time I am free to travel, work, learn, share as I please, with no limits but the ones I set out for my own safety. I am on a mission to discover myself through the mystical wonders of this magnificent continent.

There is no theme for this blog. My creative travel research can take me anywhere, so here I tell the stories and share the lessons, photos and beauties I find just as I find and feel them, through my personal emotions and impressions.

This is a random blog about the art of travelling with a free spirit, the music of meeting instruments of different tonalities, the culture of authentic folks, the nature of breathtaking wonders, the value of well-being, and much more. I cannot commit to one subject, I am too random for that, too unpredictable even for myself.

The pink elephant happily trotting around does not need to refer to Delirum or the bar in the centre of Mandello. It’s just a cute pig O.K.? He is the king of randomness, my imaginary mascot to symbolize happy wondering.

I hope to are entertained and inspired by the reads, if so comment and follow!


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